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Product List


Text Box: Aluminum Tooling
Text Box: Aluminum tools are our professional. BFET produced several types of tooling for many custom-made requirements of customers. BFET can also provide the customer “Master Model” before actual casting the aluminum tools in order to ensure the desire shape & dimension as well as the quality of tools.
Part shrinkage from foaming (polyurethane) is one of the most important factors to design the precise tools, and we have never forgotten to consider this factor.
Text Box: Besides our professional of automotive related products, we can also provide the tools for refrigerator.

Jig Fixture and other

BFET can also develop check fixtures, welding fixtures and trim fixtures to gauge your parts, hold your pieces for operational procedures, or trim excess material from a part.

This can be applied in many ways to suit multipurpose usages.


Vacuum Forming Tools ;

Vacuum forming tools is also available at BFET for many industries e.g. automotive climate control.



Text Box: Refrigerator Molds (Vacuum Lining)